Home removals from £60

No matter what you need to move, our transport team will have exactly what they need to get the job done, like tools to pack, protect and secure your items, as well as tools that may be needed to disassemble and reassemble any stuff to fit into narrow places. No matter what you need, with Atlas Transports, you can be sure to get the best service at a competitive price ever.

Office removals from £100

At Atlas Transports man and van moving company, our office removal team composed of professional packers will start with dismantling and disassembling the furniture and preparing it for the move, then, they pack all office stuff, business archives & documents in specific sealed kraft boxes and a list marked with labels on which all your things the box contains.
After that, our team will carefully assemble the furniture and deploy everything according to your instructions.

House Clearance from £60

if you need a professional cleaning job we offer a high-end quality of service for domestic and business clients, Atlas Transports staff are cleaning professionals, they are provided with top equipment and cleaning materials. Atlas Transports staff are available every day, and they work according to your planning.

Boxes & supplies from £80

When you are planning to pack household items on your own, we can supply you to start the packing process a week at minimum before the moving day, so you can organise the moving task smoothly and pack things efficiently. Sort your goods and decide what to take to your new house and what to leave behind. We advise you to consider, that the more carefully you pack, the more you save.

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Charges : (We have a selection of small and large vans for more information please contact us)